Developing mobility is one of the most important investments you can make. 

It will improve your quality of life, brain function, how you feel in your body, and move throughout the world. 

A few years back, I obsessively worked on my mobility and went from not being able to touch my toes (not even close…) to touching my head to my toe, ability to support my whole bodyweight in full front and middle splits, and being able to do back walkovers. Not everyone needs to push it that far, but increasing your mobility will improve pretty much EVERYTHING you do. 


It just FEELS good to have mobility.


So I’ve put together a mobility-focused movement program. 


Whether you are an athlete, new to movement, have injuries… this customizable program is for anyone who wants to feel better and stronger in their bodies.


- David Gallina, Co-Creator of the Mobility Project

How it all began

The first version of The Mobility Project was released to a group of people in early 2019, and quickly spread over 5 continents! The results have been incredible. Since then, we have made some AWESOME improvements. I have teamed up with Mercedes Pollmeier -  fellow mover, semi-pro athlete, and world class climbing coach - to create an even more effective process.


In addition to the mobility work, this program now includes an easy-to-follow, high-yield movement program to support your flexibility progress. This will get you better results, increase your movement capabilities, and grow some new brain cells. 


Plus we have new cool features, 

including regularly scheduled Q & A’s to answer your specific questions, go over case studies, and more!

Some typical results

  • Awesome Before-and-After Photos  

  • Improved Body Composition

  • Increased Coordination and Balance

  • Better Brain Functioning

  • Injury Prevention (and Rehab)

  • Reduced Anxiety & Improved Stress Response

  • Longevity (scientifically-supported)

  • Increased Freedom and Confidence in Your Body

Before & After photos from our students

What you get

  • 6 months worth of Mobility Programming

  •  Supporting Movement Practice Sessions to develop your strength, flexibility, and movement complexity

  •  Lifetime access to a constantly expanding membership portal

  •  Access to private Facebook forum (for questions, video feedback, inspiration)

  • Regular Q & A webinars with David and Mercedes

  •  Weekly workout templates AND Alternate workouts

  •  Downloadable practice logs

  •  Video tutorials for ALL exercises and movements

  •  Guidance on how this program fits into your current life and workout schedule

  •  Joint-Specific resources for prehab/rehab

  •  How to build an intelligent spine

  •  Pro-tips for best results

Bonus Features

Mental Mobility

We will dive into the mindset and psychological side of movement training. 
The Embodied Cognition Theory states that how we move in our bodies and how we think & feel are inseparable. We'll cover how to leverage this theory to improve our lives.

Body Awareness

This awareness helps us better understand our movement and our emotions (e-MOTIONS). This inner sensitivity is an extremely valuable quality to develop, and we will approach it from multiple angles. 

Surprise Guest Modules

Body Language & Confidence

Guest module with case studies and tips on how to improve your confidence through body language.

Ready to get started?

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