Learn the most effective  methods to develop real, usable, strong flexibility.

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Meet the Creators

David Gallina

Over the past 10+ years, David has taken to heart 2 main pieces of advice from his mentors: 1) Have an insatiable desire for learning and 2) Lead from the front. Being a student and practitioner first, this framework has created a lifelong adventure practicing and traveling the world to study movement, mobility, medicine, and neurology.


He is a certified Mobility Specialist, and has presented work at Harvard Medical School, Bastyr University, and the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation.  

Mercedes Pollimeier

Mercedes used to be a semi-pro tennis player, and in the midst of training for the Olympics, she discovered climbing. She fell in love with climbing at once because she was able to experience movement in a whole new way. 


Climbing gave Mercedes a wider window to look through, where she could slow down and actually feel her body move more than when she was a tennis player. With the combination of climbing and her mentors, she was able to turn her passion into her job. From there, she wanted to create cutting edge climbing training, so she started movement training as a way to learn new concepts for climbing. 


Her passion now is to bridge movement practice and climbing to create better overall movers and climbers. 

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